Day 1
This place is amazing. I'm kinda surprised nobody else has snatched the land up. A lake, and a cave system, and I'm pretty sure there's some good game in those trees somewhere. I'd take Jason hunting, but I gotta set a good example for the others. The last thing we need is workers' kids getting underfoot during construction. Maybe when this is all done- I'd give it half a year, maybe more- I can enroll him here. God knows he could use the sunlight. But I digress. The bitch showed up again. I told the men to ignore her. She isn't hurting anyone but herself. And she's taking it up with the wrong people, anyway... Shit, if I were the decision maker around here, I wouldn't even BE around here.
Day 5
Roger just told me there may be gold in those systems. Big whoop. Not like he's gonna get to keep any of it. Have fun with your """riches""", Roger... fuckin bootlicker. Don't come crawling to me if a rock smashes your guts. Maybe Nicole was right. Taking this job was not the best idea. Well, it's a living. No going back now. At least that lady isn't around. Guess she got bored. Most of them are just performative virtue-signalers anyway. I think she has a kid, that poor thing. Might live up on the hill? I think I found their boat. That's gonna be a bitch if we decide to build on the lake. Saw her running around and staring at us. I dunno. At that age, kids tend to have larger bodies, but the minds and social skills of toddlers. Jason never stared, though. Maybe he's the exception. ...She likes to hide.
Day 25
First portion got erected. It's progress. I think the morale around here is low. Not much to be done about that, I'm not their therapist. I hear Roger almost got his ass crushed by a cave-in. Fuckin nice one, dipshit. ...........I really hope he never reads this. Lots of trees gotta be cleared out. Lady's not gonna like that. There goes that hunting idea.
Day 30
Day 33
Day 37
No. It's not our fault. Fuck what anyone says. WE are not RESPONSIBLE for that FUCKING KID. It's not our fault. It's not our fault. What could we do? That WOMAN should've been WATCHING HER. What was she DOING IN THERE??
Day 38
It's business as usual. Nothing is gonna get in the way of this job.